Artists inspired or which recall visually Dante

There are at several religious places, specially churches, which contains visual representations inspired on Dante. The order of presentation will be tentatively a timeline. 13th Century covered at Artists Inspired on Dante.

14th. Century

14th Lat Judgement Arena Chapel Padua 1305

14th Francesco Traini Hell Camosanto pisa 1340

14th Fresco Bigallo Florence

14th Nardo di Cione S. Maria Novella Strozzi Chapel 1350

14th Taddeo de Bartolo San Gmignano, Collegiata 1393

15th Century

Last Judgement – Pains of Hell Fra Angelico 1431-1435

15th pains of hell Fra Angelico 1431-1435

15th Divina Commedia Daomnico di Michelino 1465

Early Dutch master Hieronymous Bosch’s triptych, “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (c. 1490-1510), spans the Garden of Eden, scenes of an idyllic Utopia, and the torment of the damned. Scholars debate whether the entire painting is meant to depict the fall from grace of Man, or a moral warning of a fated afterlife for the corrupt.

16th. El_jardín_de_las_Delicias,_de_El_Bosco

Two panels  – the despairing “Hell,” and “Ascent of the Blessed,” featuring a journey through a tunnel towards a brilliant light – from a late 15th century painting by Hieronymus Bosch at the Palazzo Ducale, Venice.

16th. Century

15th Michelangelo Last Judgement Sistina

Corregio Assumption of the Virgin Duomo of Parma

16th Correggio,_Assumption_of_the_Virgin,_Duomo,_Parma_01

16th Six tuscan Poets Giorgio VAsari 1544

Pisa Duomo 1586 Riminaldi


17th  Century

17th Luca Signorelli Orvieto Cuomo 1610

18th. Century

19th. Century

19th Frescos Casino Massimo Philipp veit 1818-1824

John Milton Pandemonium (See other works from him)

19th pandemonium-1825.John Martin


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