The Greek and the Middle Ages point of view

(Veja em Português)

I quote from Wikipedia (because you can’t find it in Portuguese and I will use it to translate):

Mimesis famously opens with a comparison between the way the world is represented in Homer’s Odyssey and the way it appears in the Bible. From these two seminal Western texts, Auerbach builds the foundation for a unified theory of representation that spans the entire history of Western literature, including even the Modernist novelists writing at the time Auerbach began his study.

Mimesis gives an account of the way in which everyday life in its seriousness has been represented by many Western writers, from ancient Greek and Roman writers such as Petronius and Tacitus, early Christian writers such as AugustineMedieval writers such as Chretien de TroyesDante, and BoccaccioRenaissance writers such as MontaigneRabelaisShakespeare and Cervantes, seventeenth-century writers such as Molière and RacineEnlightenment writers such as Voltaire, nineteenth-century writers such as StendhalBalzacFlaubert, and Zola, all the way up to twentieth-century writers such as Proust, and Woolf.

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