Glossary of Symbols and Allegories in the Divine Comedy

(Veja em Português)

I was in doubt when creating this part of this blog site because Divina Comedia asks for a mixture of Dictionary, Glossary, Vocabulary and, above all, Cross Reference, which would be to find a word or subject in the text. Word Press makes available a Search tool, (search) that I don’t really know how it was programmed, but from the little that I tested, it looks more like a cross reference than anything else. It seemed to me that it finds in the edited blogs where the word is searched for, both by the title and within the text. But it only refers to what was edited and published with its tool. To have a cross reference of the entire poem, we would have to edit it within Word Press. American Universities, which excel a good work in this regard, seem to have opted for the commented translation. It does not make much sense to face 14,000 decasyllables in one hundred cantos, although this modern marvel that is the computer offers a tool that makes it much easier for anyone who wants to go in this direction. In the American model, Helder da Rocha┬ádid an excellent job that is worth seeing.

It is in our Portuguese language, but you can have something equivalent to it as you go on the text in

At Length in English

At Length II

I chose Glossary following the technical literature, which compiles from a text the meaning of the words for that text.
The Cross Reference, let’s see how Word Press works after the job is done, because as it can be seen the Search tool is at all entries.
In this case, we will make the path as we walk, because we have the map, the direction and the sextant …