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The starting pointer is at Inferno

At this front page it is presented a panel from  Pieter Bruegel the Elder and it is explained how the subject will be tackled. The first movie done on the subject is also offered.


It is explained why and how this site blog was set up

Dante and the Italian language

Galileo Galilei

How he relates to Dante and to us


The discussion of perspectives is introduced from Galileo’s and are the following:

Why Commedy

Involved Simbolism

Summa Theologica

Existence of God

CS Lewis

Screw tape letters

Visual Representations of The Divine Comedy

Rodin and Dante

Artists Inspired on Dante

Dante’s influence on the visual arts in the centuries following his creation

Dante on the movies

Glossary of Symbols and Allegories in the Divine Comedy

The Greek and the Middle Ages point of view

Wie es eigentlich gewesen (what really happened)

Visions of Heaven and Hell Before Dante

Auerbach’s Mimesis

Dante and Graphic Novels

Mickey’s Inferno

The Existence of Evil

Visual Display of Doublet Gods from Antiquity

Evil in the Classical World

Dante: Poet of the Secular World

Dante and the occult sciences and secret societies

Numerology – Tree of Life

Criticism of Dante and the occult sciences and secret societies

Dante: Learned Scholar or wise genius?

Meaning of Symbolism and Allegories in Dante’s Inferno of his Divine Comedy